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Mage prison is inescapable, save for one design flaw - and the Warden's gift to you enables your reality-bending, daring jailbreak from the inescapable.

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GMC Jam #5

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Unwelcome Passenger

Follow Ricardo in his perilous ocean exploration, fueled by a fundamental misunderstanding of what "rocketships" are.

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Eight Seconds

Race against the ever-expanding Void in a fast-paced puzzler with time travel and self-management challenges.


Take control of a QC-rejected box and navigate through a procedurally generated factory, through intriguing rooms and past box-destroying hazards of all kinds.

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A One Hit Point Uprising

Lead the peasant revolution against the Evil Overlord, one soft-bodied individual after another, and another, and another...

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Fight off waves of increasingly strong enemies, with random adjustments, spawns, and upgrades along the way.

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Everything's Gone to Hell!

The sudden coming of the apocalypse has Heaven and Hell backed up beyond belief - and you're in just the right position to help sort things out.

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GMC Jam #1